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  • Preferred optionWeekly Krav Membership 6-mth min ($25/week ->$100/month)
  • Preferred optionWeekly Krav Membership 3-mth min ($30/week ->120/month)
  • Preferred optionElite Krav Maga Team Training ($35/week -> $140/mth)

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Terms & Conditions for Memberships
I agree to the following terms:
Trial Membership
- I may come to any beginner level or All Levels classes for 14-days
- At the end of the 14-days the Recurring Membership option I have chosen will automatically start billing (and be subject to the below terms) unless I cancel prior by writing, at least by day-12 to
Recurring Membership:
Minimum Term (Initial Period)
- I commit to pay the monthly membership fees in full for the Minimum Term.
- I acknowledge that non-attendance of classes or a change of circumstances does not relieve me of the obligation to pay the fees in full for the Minimum Term.
- In exceptional circumstances I may apply for one "hold" of 1-month on my membership during the Minimum Term. I acknowledge that:
- This will extend the Minimum Term by 1-month:
- Exceptional circumstances are limited such events as: injury preventing training, family bereavement.
- Other personal commitments such as work, study or holidays do qualify for a Membership Hold.
the Monthly Membership Payment will resume after the 1-month hold
Continuing Period (after the Minimum Period is completed)
- I agree that after the Minimum Term I will continue to pay the Monthly Membership fee unless I provide in writing my request for cancellation of my membership at least 5-day prior to my next Monthly Membership fee (to
- I acknowledge that there are no refunds if I do not come to training and I have not provided notice of cancellation (or I am in the initial period).
- I acknowledge that the Membership Fee is based on 48 weeks so time-off for Christmas or other personal holidays is factored into my payments (so I will continue monthly monthly payments during these periods).
I agree